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“Overpowered” – book and interview

There was an interview on Coast to Coast AM the other night with Martin Blank who has a PhD in physical chemistry and one in colloid science. He has done extensive research on the dangers of EMF and it was a pretty good interview. You can get the interview from the C2C archives and it’s worth a listen. Blank has written a book called “Overpowered: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and What You Can Do about It.” (Click to view the book on

Interesting YouTube watching and more – Eric Dollard

Do a search on YouTube for Eric Dollard, in particular his video where he talks about EMFs. This guy is a genius with electricity and has replicated Nikola Tesla’s experiments, and has likely gone beyond some of them by now.

In the EMF video, Eric talks about how a wealthy man hired him to solve a massive EMF problem in his home – fascinating stuff and shows you the real risks by someone who really knows about electricity!  Just listen to the brilliant man speak and you will see the depth of his knowledge. Highly recommended and his lecture videos, too.

He’s written some books detailing his knowledge, including: “A Common Language for Electrical Engineering: Lone Pine Writings (Volume 1).” (Click to view the book on


Study on bees and the effects of cell-phones

A study from 2011, published in Switzerland by Daniel Favre, clearly shows the negative effects of cell phones on bees.

Read the study in PDF format by clicking here: “Mobile phone-induced honeybee worker piping” by Daniel Favre.

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