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“Overpowered” – book and interview

There was an interview on Coast to Coast AM the other night with Martin Blank who has a PhD in physical chemistry and one in colloid science. He has done extensive research on the dangers of EMF and it was a pretty good interview. You can get the interview from the C2C archives and it’s worth a listen. Blank has written a book called “Overpowered: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and What You Can Do about It.” (Click to view the book on

Happy Holidays! But, remember to protect yourself from EMFs!

As we move into the holiday season, many more mobile phones and other EMF producing gadgets will be given as gifts to millions of people. This will increase their exposure to these wavelengths, of course.

So, at this time, let’s not forget the dangers of some of our modern “toys” and take the necessary precautions.

To shield against EMFs:

  • wear a protective pendant, and/or sacred geometry (sounds unreal, but we have tested this and it works! See our videos for evidence.)
  • reduce your use of mobile phones and use them on speaker, or with a headset – never against your head!
  • use wired Internet over wireless (or turn off wi-fi at night, and when not using)

Some helpful links, and the types of pendants we have used and tested (click links to go to Amazon and see a bigger selection of pendants and protective devices):


The Ontario English Catholic Teacher’s Association wants Wi-Fi banned

Recently, a decision of The Ontario English Catholic Teacher’s Association has made the news: they want Wi-Fi banned in their 1,400-plus school classrooms in Ontario, Canada. They cite numerous studies that detail the health risks (see the articles, linked below for more). The union represents 45,000 teachers.

Isn’t it time more schools – and people everywhere – say no to Wi-Fi?

Their site:

Direct link to their position paper (PDF):–reconsider-wi-fi-in-schools-ontario-s-catholic-teachers-warn-boards

In related news, parents north of Toronto pulled their children out of school in a Wi-Fi protest in November, 2011:

Barrie, Ontario parents demand school turns off Wi-Fi, from Aug. 15, 2010: