Dome news and thank-you’s

Happy New year everyone! 2012 is a good year to get yourself educated about the dangers of RF/EMF pollution and protected!

Today I visited with our dome designer and progress is being made on the prototype design! Soon, we’ll have pictures and video of our first portable dome!

Domes are amazing structures, vibrationally harmonic, and able to be configured in almost limitless ways. We are planning to offer custom dome construction with built-in EMF/RF protection! You can use a dome to grow food in, for a workshop, for office space, gathering areas, recreation centers, for storage, or they make spacious homes that are earthquake-proof, high-wind resistant (200+ MPH winds and hurricanes/tornadoes won’t knock them down), and concrete domes are even fire-proof and will last for centuries! Check back soon for more news as our domes come together.

Thank you to all our recent supporters!

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We love our Quantum pendants and wear them all the time! We can feel the difference they make, and have even tested their effectiveness – see our electro-dermal screening videos for full test results.

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