Here is a picture of our 16′ geodesic dome in progress! This dome is designed to be easily portable for transport.

And, here is a video of our dome under construction!

We are working on offering the plans for this dome, as well as a kit, so please check back with us, or email us for more information. We will also build this dome for you at your location, or a custom design.

We design and build dome structures, in many different configuration options, including built-in EMF/RF shielding.

Domes are very economical to build – many times less expensive than regular construction! And, much faster to build!

Domes have been proven to withstand strong winds, hurricanes, and earthquakes, are low maintenance (no shingles to replace, awnings, or paint to worry about), and are very pleasuring to the eye. They blend into a landscape with nature better than a square building.

The dome shape is more energetically harmonious and beneficial for multipurpose dwellings, healing spaces, and work areas. Our domes come with hard-shell or soft exteriors – the choice is yours.

Solar power cells are also available to be built-in to our domes- make money by selling your electricity back to your hydro company! In Ontario, Canada, the Government of Ontario is sponsoring a program call FIT. It’s a renewable energy Feed-in Tariff program, whereby the Ontario Power Authority will pay you up to 80.2 ¢/kWh for solar electricity you generate and feed into the electric grid. We will professionally install your Photovoltaic (PV) panels and power grid tie-in to the Ontario FIT Program specifications.

Domes can be configured with greenhouse setups and water regeneration capabilities.

We offer domes in custom sizes to suit your needs:

  • Residences/permanent living spaces with concrete floors and basements
  • Special events such as film screenings, weddings, parties – rentals available
  • Greenhouses
  • Artists studios and recording studios
  • Solar power generating stations

Contact us for more information about a dome solution for you.

– Coming soon: dome blueprints, building guides, and complete dome kits!



  1. Stacie says:

    Please send me more information on Dome structures (permanent/home dwelling) with EMF shielding.

    Thank you,

    • Chief Buster says:

      A new dome prototype is being constructed right now. We will have more details soon, including some video and pictures. We are planning to offer several multi-use dome options of various sizes and configurations. Please check back!