EMF Pendants

EMF/RF Protective Quantum Pendants

They really work! See our videos with testing for proof! Plus, we can attest to the effects we feel on our bodies while wearing these pendants: increased energy, more focus and calmer in the face of EMF/RF pollution. Think of it this way: these technologies are inexpensive insurance for your health, just in case!

Quantum Pendants are made from a combination of various materials in basalt lava rock and emit negative ions (Scaler Energy which can be measured), as discovered by Nikola Tesla.

These negative ions have been found by millions of people to protect and strengthen the human bio-field (which can also be measured with instruments and has been known in acupuncture and energy healing for hundreds, if not thousands of years) from the harmful effects of EMF/RF radiation.


Benefits (as stated by the manufacturer):

1. Reduces inflammation
2. Promotes unclumping of cells
3. Enhances circulation
4. Enhances immune and endocrine systems
5. Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria
6. Enhances the cellular nutrition and detoxification
7. Enhances cellular permeability
8. Increases energy
9. Helps to protect DNA from damage
10. Helps to fight cancer cells
11. Helps to retard the aging process
12. Strengthens the body’s bio-field preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting ones health.

Charge your water with these technologies!

The energy of these pendants resonates into any liquids placed nearby them – such as your body (which is over 70% water), drinking water, food or beverages.

Research (such as that of Doctor Masaru Imoto – check out his work, it’s amazing!) has shown that water can be energized or charged with energy, words, symbols and intentions that are placed near, or into water. So, charge your water with healthy energy!


Free Solutions

We’ve also had encouraging test results (see our testing videos) with free items like sacred geometry symbols printed on paper such as the Tree of Life and Craig Brockie’s Free Shield http://www.freeshield.com What we found is that these technologies work synergisticly, in that more is better! We tested with both of these free technologies and a pendent, and found the results even better than with any one item, or even two.


*Notice: We make no health care claims with any of the products. These are not medical devices, nor is any medical benefit implied.

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